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The ministry is so much interested of organizing conferences that help, encourages, guiding people and ministers to learn more about the word of God.

Our ministry is so much interested to equip others saints and leaders as well. In that will equip and help a number of the year 2010, we had our first general conference  whereby a number of people were equipped with a word of God.

Here is the photos of Pastor Justice Lutashobya from World Miracle Mission Centre Dar er salaam  Tanzania.

1st Annual Leadership Conference 2011.

We as the family of Calidality Worship Centre Kyotera, for the first time arranging and by God’s grace finish all the preparations of the 1st Annual Leadership Conference, we thank God who enabled us to be more than conquerors. This conference, aimed at equipping church leaders from our community with knowledge and skills to please God so as to gain strength from the Lord so as to run more mile in the ministry in this year 2011-2012. We thank God that over 50 leaders were equipped everyday for 4 days and 1 night. We had different ministers from different ministries in Uganda these are;

Pastor Benon Bisamunyu from ALARM Uganda,

Pastor Steven Kibirango from True Vine Christian Minis, Intl.

Pastor Nnyanzi Emmanuel from Parental Care Ministries,

Pastor Lutaaya Charles from Indep. Deliverance Church, Without excluding the local pastors of Calidality Worship Centre Kyotera, church Pastor Ronald Ssentamu & Tonny Bwebale.



On 15th & 16th Sept 2011, we had a believers conference for all christians which took place at the Church building of Calidality Worship Centre-Kyotera. A number of 50-75 christians were encouraged with the word of God and equipped with different skills how the can live in the victorious life as Jesus lived in.

Down here from left it was a session of praying and anoiting the believers after hearing the message with testimonies of Rev. Dr Manuel Cordero's testimony where the Lord healed him Cancer. Many beiliever believed in the healing power of God and were healed too. On the right Rev. Dr Manuel Cordero was teaching on the message of  Communication which helped so much the people listened to it.

The second row, shows the praise & worship team of CMI presenting during the conference.

The third row, shows the congregation response towards the preacher, then also shows them when they were praising their creator.

The Forth row, shows Sr Debbie teaching the youth in the conference when they broke out for workshops. As well Dr Manuel & Christine Cordero ministering to the women's workshop.

The last ow, shows when Dr Mike Reighard was teaching in the workshop of men about mentoring & disclipliship. As well dirung the general session in the church he was preaching while Pastor Ronald interpreting him, the message was how to led people not when you treat them to be under you but on the same level of respect. Otherwise leading with humility.