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Children ministry;

We Value the grooming of Children in the fear of God. We meet these children few days in the week and mostly on Sundays for only one hour before main service. This has helped them so much to know and understand the word of God. Though we trying how we can increase on the time because are tomorrow's generation.

Here under children ministry, CMI believes in the children of being the tomorrows church and well assured that without being groomed in the God fearing manner and being trained always in the way of God, they can't stand and be a seed of faith tomorrow. That's why the ministry influences so much these children to involve themselves in the different ministry's programs prepared for them like learning the word of God.

Their teachers training them in singing songs, acting biblical stories & scriptures into drama, learning how to serve & treat others with humility, kindness & forgiveness. In so doing this we have seen God changing children Spiritually, physically,emotionally and socially.









Through fulfilling the calling of God on our lives, Pastor Ronald & Jackline, managed to adopt and support five orphans whose mum died of HIV/AIDS. They are responsible of taking care of their accommodation, food, clothing, education and medication. A number of children in the church are vulnerable whereby their parents or guardians can't afford even to fulfill their basic needs.  This seems to be a critical situations whereby their future life is in tragedy. As you can view here down Pr Ronald with five children who are adopted.



 Prison Ministry

As you well know that weare all members of the same body apart from being differently in culters, races, languages, nations. The Lord sees us as one person who is created in the inage of God. We all sinned before God who didn't deserve to be called the children of God. We praise, worship and discuss with the inmates together. Here down Pastor Ronald is praissing with the inmates.

 "Evangelism in Actions speaks louder than words". We do visit our brethrens in Prisons with tangible materials, bibles, basic materials like soap, blankets, jellies, drinks and others affordable. Here down from left Pastor Ronald Ssentamu the vision Bearer of CMI, Rev. Dr Manuel Cordero, Mum Christine Cordero, Sr Debbie had visited one of the prisons in Uganda. Behind them, the truck having blankets on top and other materials like soap, jellies and others inside.


Schools Ministry.

We value the enrichment of the word of God to different schools, institutions, whereby we preach, tecah, discuss with them how to get away from the traps of the enemy. Here we hold dialogue meetings and discuss always on topics  which will aid them in the physical, spiritual, econo mical and social aspects. Here we preach and students get saved by confessings their sins and repenting unto God for the forgiveness.

We do mentoring among these students till we find those who are spiritually mature who becomes the leaders of the fellow students at schools. For making this a possible way of these people becoming changing AGENTS in their communities after their learning we stay intouch with them. We remain doing spiritual guideness to these people. We giveout bibles, scholastic materials to those who are so much needy.

We do visit schools with different people who have the same passion of reaching the schools with words of wisdom and encouragement. As you see the teamfrom USA who had visited us sitted before students and the right photo one of the visitors (Dr Manuel Cordero) sharing the word of God with the students.


Here down as you see Pastor Ronald had invited students those who have a decided to believe Jesus as their personnal Lord and Savior. He was encouraging and beliefing them about what they are going to repeat so as to invite Jesus to starting working in them.

 Students also have entertaining songs that they sing before us during theisitation here the students where present ving their song to us.


Hospital Ministry :

As one  of the main ministries in the ministry, we do also reach the hospitals in different days we one of the sign showing the love of God to the people who are oppressed. We visit the hospitals and we do preaching the good news,praying & encouraging them. We have seened God healing many patients and their families encouraged.

Evangelism Ministry:

We reach different communities in our country and those of neighboring countries by preaching them the word of God, casting out demons, praying for the sick. We have seen God redeeming the souls of people and a number of them have turned to their creator. We do open air crusades, door-door evangelism as well as arranging different meetings and occasions.